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I'd just like to share this story from a friend that had an interesting weekend.

The week of 14 August was pretty frustrating. I was owed comp. time so that left me with a 4 day weekend and several hundred dollars in Hungarian Forinth from my last trip down there in June. What else was there to do but pack up and jump on the bike.
The plan was to depart around 1pm and get there around 10, well one thing lead to another and I got going just after 3pm. Overcast weather, expected in Germany but dry. Due to the late start I decided to buzz down the autobahns until the Hungarian border then a few hundred kilometers of side roads. Once into Austria the rain started and stopped for a short time after crossing into Hungary. Shortly after entering Hungary I rode into what I thought was a tornado or close to. The roads were flooding and the wind was blowing me around but I was pressing on. Shortly before reaching the Balaton lake region I drove out of the storm but now my low fuel light was on, this usually leaves me around 30 miles of fuel. Every gas station, the few I saw, was closed and it was fast approaching midnight. Around 11:20pm, just as I was leaving a small town on the lake, I ran out of gas and was able to coast up to a small bar with the lights on. I walk in dripping wet and see a whole 5 people sitting in there finishing their drinks. “Hello, does anybody speak English or German?” One older guy says he is German and answers my question of where to get gas with “There should be a gas station 10km that way or 15km that way, how low are you?” I retorted with “Is there a place that I can sleep tonight?” Well one thing lead to another and he had 2 liters of gas at his house down the street he would give me. We walked to his little cottage and then I walked back in the darkness. Getting slightly lost I eventually found my bike, poured in the gas then tried to find my way back on the bike to return his gas can, I eventually succeeded. Got to a gas station just before they closed at midnight and to my hotel around 1:30am, not bad only 3 hours late.

Saturday was cloudless and around 90 degrees and was spent cruising around the lake region. Came across a celebration, that included the Hungarian Army, who had their Soviet era military equipment out on display. Got up close and some good pictures.

Sunday I headed into Budapest to meet a soldier from Bamberg who was visiting friends and relatives. He was held up for a few hours and I walked to the river to sight see. Hmmm there are military barges and boats, rescue crews and huge speaker towers along the shore. Suddenly each barge started to inflate huge pylons with Red Bull advertising. Really started to look like a Red Bull Air Race, but in the middle of a city along a river with bridges on both ends, I think not! I was wrong.
These planes would come, one at a time, down over the Castell with smoke trailing, pass UNDER the Chain Bridge at almost 400KmH do the course twice with a 360 turn at the far end and a looping turn at the front end then back out under the bridge, best times were just over 1 minute. No western country would ever allow this around a populated area, let alone in the center of huge city surrounded by old buildings. Doc finally showed up and we saw a bit of the city and left on the bike back to the lake region around 10pm.

Monday and it is the Hungarian National holiday with celebrations kind of like the 4th of July in the USA. Most everything was closed so I took a bottle of wine to my savior and to say thank you again. Wound up sitting and chatting for awhile until thunder storms rolled in. Headed back to the hotel to chill and wait for the storms to pass. Fireworks and parties until late in the night.

Tuesday and headed out in the rain around 7:30 on the bike. Up into Slovakia again and try to find my mapless way through this forsaken land. Into the Czech Republic and stop at the IBM complex in Brno. Then back on the Autobahn until Prag. Downtown Prag was a huge parking lot and around 100 degrees. Throughout the whole town vehicles would barely move forward. Over an hour just to drive through and my nerves were at an end. Once back outside the city I took back roads again and disregarded speed limits. Finally made up for some lost time but the clouds ahead do not look good. I cross into Germany and head for home. Wet roads but luckily no new rain, just fierce looking clouds directly in my way. Finally get home around 10:30pm, call for food to be delivered and jump into a HOT shower. Jump out to just delivered hot Greek food doused with monk beer from http://www.kreuzbergbier.de and off to bed.

Short story is a slight sun burn from the Air Races, a worn out back tire, bike in need of some minor repairs and 1500 miles…

The next trip is already planned and just around the corner on 8 September. My best friend is flying over from the USA to ride one of my bikes with me to Barcelona to meet with the rest of the http://www.AEDST.org bike week group, a yearly ritual!
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