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Nothing is free, what do you want for it?
Is there enough to do the sidemount plate?

Either way I will take it.
I can use it for something else I am doing.

Ooops, didn't see the part about Daytona, if you still have it when you get back let me know!

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Dan...in this case I have a bag of 1 to 3 foot sections (1/4" - 1/2") that am I not going to use, so yep...it's free to whoever wants it. I'd just rather hand it to somebody, then have to go the post office and mail it.

V-Man...go to this thread and look at the metal braid. I put a piece of clear shrink tube over it. I will post pictures and a how-to for front turn signal wires, and throttle cables next week.

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