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THANKS FOR THE GREAT INFORMATION. I wonder why pay pal is saying that the address is not verified.
Might not need to worry just yet. Some addresses are just hard to verify unless they're entered EXACTLY like the USPS wants them. I know because I live at such an address.

The name of the road I live on is COUNTY ROAD O, however I get (mostly junk) mail all the time with any of the following variations:
County Highway O,
County Trunk O,
County O,
Highway O,
Rural O,
Road Zero (?)
and finally,
Cnty Rhode Oh the Letter (that one cracked me up)

Plus all the crap I get with the house number mixed up, someone puts in COUNTRY instead of COUNTY, etc.

All of the above end up in my mailbox (perhaps more due to only having about 2,700 population) but all of them are rejected as "not valid" if you try to verify the address on the USPS web site.

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Yea hardly a day goes by without a scram in my eMails . I got one from the IRS saying that they are holding a check for me for $650.00 and all they need is my social security # to verify who I am and of course they will need my bank account # so they can deposit the money. My question is where is the government who are supposed to be taking care of us. President OBAMBA should look into this type fraud he is supposed to be taking care of us all HA HA!!!

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hello Jan,

thanks for the reply, no am not a member but my friend is. find
attached photo of my engine block and the engine for my sons bike in
good condition. please i accept any means of payment but i prefer
money gram is faster and safe, as i am running late in raising the
money for my son school. please mail me your complete shipping address
and your mobile number and i will mail you with my payment details i
await your mail soon.


Hello Henry,

please send me photos of your engine block.
Are you a member of 1130cc.com ?




hello Jan,

thank for the reply. can you be able to pay up to 200GBP for my new
engine block both for shipping and shipping insurance. please reply
with your complete shipping address and were to ship to. i await your
mail soon




Dear Henry,

I'm afraid I can't contribute much. I purchased my last engine block
for 200 british pounds, another block in the US was recently sold for
400 $, incl delivery.

Best regards,



From: mc henry <[email protected]>
To: Jan-Dirk <[email protected]>

hello Jan

thanks for the reply. am willing to sell to you for a fair price as i
need money for my sons education. please reply me with how much you
can afford i await to read from you soonest.


-- -------------------

Jan-Dirk [email protected]

Hello Henry,

I meanwhile have received a second hand block, but would be interested
to purchase another one, depending on your kind offer.




2012/9/5 mc henry <[email protected]>:
> --
> Hello buddy,
> hello
> I am emailing with respect to your advert. Please let me know if you
> are still in need of the above and I'll get back to you.
> Thanks,
> Henry
Dear Henry, why is only one of the photos showing a V-Rod engine and why is that photo almost three years old?
:spank: :chair: :chainsaw: ?


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