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Just wondering if it's possible to take my 2012 v rod and put everything on an 06 frame? If not what frame can I use? Thanks in advance.
The only 2006 model that had the same 240 tire that a 2012 VRSC has is the VRSCSE2 and I doubt you'll find a frame from one of those.

This SE model does indicate that you can make the swap to any 2006 model frame (or 2005 for that matter) with a little effort. (I wouldn't go earlier than 2005 since the 2002 to 2004 swingarms and rear axles weren't as strong.)

You will need to notch the brake boss on the swingarm to fit the 240 rim as seen here:

You'll also need to change rear wheel spacers, the drive belt (the earlier swingarms are shorter and require a drive belt with two less teeth), and the fuel tank to the smaller pre-2007 version.

The easier swap would be to use any 2007 or newer model (except the VRSCR). The 2007 VRSCD came with a 180 tire but used the same swingarm as the other 2007s with 240s.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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