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I searched around for saddlebags and ended up buying 4 broken sets to make one. Took the mounting hardware off of the soft quick release bags and attached it to hard bags. I did a bit of work on a set of hard vinyl covered bags, removing the vinyl and then fiberglassing and painting them. These bags were for the earlier models with narrow frame. If I were to do it again I would just buy new aftermarket bags. First time ever doing something like this and happy it worked. With doing a little modification to the Harley mounting system you can mount any bags you bolt the mounting plate to. Mounting plate would be easy to make if you can't find broken bags. You can still buy the quick release mounting system new at some dealerships. Here is one dealership Harley-Davidson® Saddlebag Mounting Hardware 91432-07. I think I bought my frame here and the rest of the parts on ebay.
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