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I was hell bent on finding a set of the V-Rod passenger foot boards for my 2003.

Scouring the internet I found 3 in stock, at a dealer in Cape Town. After a few back and forth e-mails discussing shipping and payment, I was confident this was on the up and up.

Going through their inventory (I went page by page, took a while) I also found a set of reduced reach handle bars, brake lines and a bra.
I'm not even sure I'm going to use the handlebar, but I've seen enough posts on how rare they are and it was priced right I had to order it.

I'm not sure how to tell if the brake lines I received are standard or the longer ones for the reduced reach bars.

Since everything arrived safely, decided to share if anyone else cares to browse their inventory:

If you search for "VRSC" or "V-rod" some of those parts will come up.

Here are the other two sets of footboards they have:

Here is my order:


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