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Forward control conversion

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Hello all,

Just bought an 08 Night Rod Special, but previous owner converted it to mid controls which i hate. Can anyone PLEASE tell me a walk through on how to convert my controls to the front? I need to know the parts ill need, if i can use the mid control parts and how to do the install. Tried doing a search but couldnt really find anything, thanks in advance
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Do you have the lower right frame rail with brake mount or is it smooth? If not that is the hardest part. After that you need the following parts:

BMD 42585-01 M/C
BMD 7951 Jam Nut
BMD 42409-01 Conduit
DS 120020 Hydraulic Brake Line
CS 662031 36" Brake Line
CS 14019 45 Degree fitting
CS 14020 90 Degree Fitting
BMD 42460-80B
BMD 515
BMD 7744
BMD 42682-01

They are all available from your local HD dealer. After those parts you need the controls themselves, foot and toepegs and a shift rod. If you are tall I sell forward controls that are extended. You can check my site at: https://www.alteredstatedesign.net/

You can email me through the site if you have any questions. I am not on here that much anymore.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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