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I have been wrestling with sharing this or not, but I finaly decided I want to see what other people think about this.

I have made it a point to purchase from forum sponsors whenever possible. With only one exception i have had terrible service from all of them( with one exception)

Dealer 1: Ordered a set of d&d pipes with o2 bungs welded in them for my vrfid. Told they would ship within a week. Week 2 come and goes no pipes no shipping info. Call. Will ship next week. Next week comes and goes no pipes. Call again..told they have pipes but not welded yet...will be next week. Next week comes and call....they ship the end of that week. I get them over 4 weeks from when I ordered.

I go to install them and find welding slag in the threads of my 02 bungs. I now have to buy a tap....no local store sells taps that size, need to order.

I get tap and install the next week. I can never get vrfid to tune correctly.

I mess with this thing for months. I finaly take the pipes off, take them to a certified welder and have him inspect them. he finds leaks in both welds. he fixes them and all is well.

I decide I want the quiet core for my pipes. I call dealer 1 again. he doesnt have the part number for them but will get back to me in a few days. A week passes. I call back he still doesnt, blames d and d.

I call d and d and have the quiet core in three days.

I guess I didnt learn my lesson because I now have another issue of incorrect parts being sent to me by dealer 1. They are fixing it but wow I would like one deal to go correctly and timely (this one was promised in a week, its now 4)

Dealer 2: I want some black parts for my DX. I email and ask about fitment. No response. I email again a week later, no response. I call later that week...I get a guy on the phone who says "I dont know anything about vrod parts but I dont think that will work"

I place an order with dealer 3 for those parts. I use his website. days go by and I get no conformation of my order or ship date. I email one week later, parts have not shipped but he expects to ship part 1 that week and part 2 the next week. I get part 1. The next week I dont hear a word. The next week I email since no phone number is listed on his web site. He is always prompt with email responses but he tells me he is out of town for a month and the part didnt get there before he left so when he gets back next week he will check on it.

I cancell my order.

Now for dealer 4: This guy is wonderful, his name is jerry and he works at hogpro. When I order he tells me exactly when my product will ship, he helps me work out issues with fitment, and he emails me the tracking number when it does ship. So far he has been TERRIFIC to deal with. He has met all my expectations and all the parts have been top notch. Now if he will just "hurry" up with my wheels :)

I am sorry for the long post, but I dont want to trash these guys becuase I suspect all of them are good guys and do care, but their business skills are lacking compared to their technical skills.

I think we deserve better.

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Mark I really hate to hear that. I think in some cases we may have helped to make some of the sponsors a little big a little fast.

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I've dealt with Jerry and had a great experience as well, but some deals with other venders weren't so good and from reading the many posts about problems with respected vendors it seems to be an ongoing problem. I think many of these companies are owned and operated by very intelligent people when it comes to products, but many of them lack even the smallest amount of the skills needed to actually run a business.
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