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The rules are simple and we expect all members to follow them.

1. Unsolicited commercial advertising is not allowed. Only site sponsors and approved vendors are allowed to advertise their products and services. This includes, but is not limited to, custom user titles, signatures, posts and threads. Signatures may not contain links that could be construed as advertisements. Additional advertising such as physical addresses, phone numbers or other contact information is also prohibited. Signatures that violate this rule will be removed/edited at the Moderators' discretion. Members are not allowed to advertise any products or services with the exception of discussing products and services in the natural course of conversation. Repeated promotion of products or services and excessive posting of contact information or websites is considered advertising. It will not be allowed. Personal motorcycle-related items may be listed in the classified section per the rules located in the classified section. Any other type of advertising, not specifically discussed here, is not allowed. The decision as what is considered advertising is at the discretion of the site Admins and Moderators. Site sponsors and vendors must adhere to the advertising rules found in the sponsor and vendor section.

2. Flaming or harassing other members will not be tolerated. Posting personal information or PM's (PRIVATE Messages) will not be tolerated. They are called Private Messages for a reason. You cannot verbally attack another member just because you do not agree with his or her post. Disagreements must be done in a tasteful, respectful manner. General forum disruption will not be tolerated.

3. We will not tolerate racial or ethnic jokes, posts nor any content that is demeaning or offensive to any particular race, religion, sex, sexual preference or creed. This includes using derogatory terms, insinuations, posting of news articles, stories or comments about any of the above. If you are asked to adhere to this rule, you will not be asked a second time and may be removed from the site without further warning. Blatant racist posts will result in immediate termination of your account. This is a zero-tolerance policy.

4. We will not allow the posting or discussing of issues/arguments concerning other communities or motorcycle forums. If you are a member of another community, please do not bring their dirty laundry over here. We do not want to know about it, nor do we care. Posting links to competing forums is not allowed. This includes links to tech articles found on other forums.

5. No double posting or cross posting in multiple forums. Only one thread per topic is allowed. While we understand your attempts to get your answer as soon as possible, please consider the spirit of this request and keep your questions or replies singular. Cross posting will result in one or all of your posts being removed.

6. Signatures and custom avatars must be tasteful and not contain advertising. No posting of offensive material. No nudity, racy or provocative pictures or graphics are allowed.

Guidelines for listing build information in your signature:
a. Only regular size text is allowed. ALL CAPS is considered rude and YELLING and will be removed.
b. No links in the build information.
c. You may list manufacturers, builders and service providers as normal line items. Exaggerating them will be considered an advertisement and will be removed.

7. No posting or requesting software, hacks for software or other illegal, questionable or objectionable material. This may include copyrighted material or reposting other peoples words as your own.

8. Please try to keep a thread on topic. Posting unrelated material for the sole purpose of creating thread drift, changing the subject or advertising a product or service is HIGHLY frowned upon and may result in your post(s) being removed or moved to its own topic.

9. Post "whoring" is also HIGHLY frowned upon. Posts to solely increase one's post count are not allowed; you will be notified and asked to stop. This includes post flooding the "My Story, the Beginning" forum with repeated impersonal welcomes to increase post counts. Post flooding is defined as several to many posts with no real value in a short period of time.

10. Multiple user names are not allowed, you are allowed only one. Multiple user names will be deleted. Any attempt to sign up again after a ban has been imposed will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

11. To post in the Classifies section you must have a minimum of 10 posts. Any one breaking the ninth rule to achieve the post count of ten will be dealt with accordingly. The classifieds section have addition rules found in their respective forums.

Any individual that does not heed the instruction of the Admins and Moderators of this site may have any and all posts removed and be subject to banishment from the site, with or without notice. All forum rules are subject to interpretation by any of the Admins and Moderators of this site. If you don't see something listed above, don't assume that means it's okay to post. Use your own discretion and/or PM any of the Moderators and ask. The decision of the Admins and Moderators is final and not open to public opinion polls. If you have a problem with a decision a staff member has made, PM any of the Moderators to voice your opinion. The Moderator you contact will bring it to the attention of all the Admins and Moderators for discussion if required.

Everybody is entitled to voice their opinion via this forum. In order to exercise that privilege, your posts must be done in a respectful, tasteful manner. The only exception to this rule is commercial spammers. They are open game until a Moderator has a chance to delete the offending post and ban the spammer. Additional forum-specific rules may be posted in the forum description or in a sticky at the top of any forum as required.

This site values ALL of its members and does not take banning a member lightly. Every effort is made to resolve issues with the member prior to banning. We don't ban members; they ban themselves.

When in doubt, please contact ANY of the forum Moderators and ask a question PRIOR to submitting a thread to the forums.
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