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For sale 2012 Bicep Backrest VRCSF Muscle

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I had a membership here under "plexed"when I had my 2012 V-Rod Muscle, I have since sold it. My old posts are still here. Regardless, I am selling a very nice Bicep backrest I used with my 2012 V-Rod Muscle. It is in excellent condition and works perfectly. I am the original owner I will take $700.00. With that price, I will take care of shipping, have it packed professionally, insured, with a delivery signature required. Backrest fits and works perfectly. Best, Steven "plexed45"
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Yes I do, but since I just opened the account, it will not let me post them or the links to image hosting. I have listed item outside this forum as well and have links to image hosting. I would be happy to guide you to the photos if you PM me. Not sure how many posts I need here to put up links or posts etc. Best, Steven
I am just starting to receive PM's on this item. I believe once I have 5 posts I can PM pics, maybe post them? Not sure how the classifieds work. I am happy to answer any questions here in the meantime. Thank you! Steven
Sent you a PM . I'll take it .
Sent you a PM
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