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Picked one up used on the forum and wondering if anyone still has the installation instructions. Looks like it would be an easy mod but just want to be sure.

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Let me see if I can recall without the bike in front of me.
Remove pulley cover & belt guards
Loosen all pulley bolts & rear axle bolt
Lift bike
Loosen axle bolt so you can move tire forward
Remove pulley bolts & remove pulley (belt should be loose enough)
Install 26th tooth pulley & tighten bolts (snug)
Adj. Rear tire/belt & tighten (snug)
Drop lift but not all the way, just enough so you can torque the bolts & axle
Torque pulley bolts to APPRX. 70 ft. lbs
Torque rear axle APPRX. 150 ft. lbs
I would ride it for a few miles then check the torque then install the guards.
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