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There was a show on SPEEDVISION awhile back about these things. I watched and the report they came out with was taken from the exhaust pipe end.

They stated that the FITCH systems allowed a more complete burn, thus less unspent fuel out the exhaust. They tested on a car that could not pass the emission tests. After installation, the car passed without any other work done to it.

So I bit, put them in my 89 Sportster.

The motor would ping when run at 30 - 35 MPH in 4th. After the FITCH catalyst was put in the ping went away. Mileage increase slightly, and the motor seemed to have better response and easier starting.

I did use both capsules in the Sportster, not one.

Have not added the catalyst to the V-rod, as I see no problem with the way the bike runs now.

my 2 cents.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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