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Fitch Fuel Catalyst

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Hello, All You Super V-Rodders:

Has anyone had used the Fitch Fuel Catalyst with their V-Rod?
I have used it in several other bikes with fairly good results. For example; my mileage increased by 4 mpg and the bike seemed to have better throttle response. I have heard some HD owners in my area swear by them and others say they are not worth the money! What do you think?


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I did a lot of research into these items (for the Indian, not the V Rod), and after consideration, I think they rate right up there with the Hiclone. No science behind them, and any changes MAY be due to suggestion (ie, purchasers beliving that changes occure, when they may have modified their riding habits etc)
Even their New Zealand web site with a testimonial from a Petro Chemical engineer recommending it, stated that it had to be installed AFTER the fuel filter (not in the fuel tank, yet thats how they market it for bikes and other small engines.)
That said, as you suggest, if it works for you, then it works, no other opinion needed. :2cents

Best wishes.

Well, I read the package and also read an article in a H-D type magazine where they dyno and fuel efficiancy tested a 2000 Indian. I came to the conclusion that I will wait(50 bucks) . The part I read was if you have 2 fuel tanks put one in each side.That suggests that they are identicaland two are not needed to perform properly. So find someone else that wants one and split the cost.The test on the Indian showed very,very littlein the Dyno(if I remember) but it showed that the bike used to go 18 miles less before the Fitch was installed.SoIguess it gets a little better mileage somehow.Again, I prefer to wait and see from someone I trust.
Good luck ,BobT
There was a show on SPEEDVISION awhile back about these things. I watched and the report they came out with was taken from the exhaust pipe end.

They stated that the FITCH systems allowed a more complete burn, thus less unspent fuel out the exhaust. They tested on a car that could not pass the emission tests. After installation, the car passed without any other work done to it.

So I bit, put them in my 89 Sportster.

The motor would ping when run at 30 - 35 MPH in 4th. After the FITCH catalyst was put in the ping went away. Mileage increase slightly, and the motor seemed to have better response and easier starting.

I did use both capsules in the Sportster, not one.

Have not added the catalyst to the V-rod, as I see no problem with the way the bike runs now.

my 2 cents.
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I'm bringing the issue back up. Anyone out there tried the Fitch Fuel Catalyst and if so, what were your results? I don't know what to make of it and I haven't decided whether it is a marvel or snake oil.
I had it pegged for snake oil.
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