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Hey all, I’ll be picking up my brand new to me 05 Vrod in two weeks. I’m trading my Kawasaki Z1000 for it. I’ve always been a sport bike rider and have raced them on the track before and never once gotten on a cruiser. Well, now the wife wants to start going for rides but refuses to get on any sport bike. I’m over the sport scene anyway and really looking forward to my first Harley and think the V rod will be an awesome machine for me. It doesn’t have many upgrades other than some appearance mods and an exhaust. It’s a VRSCB and I really love the all black. I look forward to riding this beauty and being a part of this community. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as upgrades, both cosmetic and performance that you may have done to yours? So far I’m thinking a daymaker headlight, and an all black tank (the current one days Harley in red) Thanks!

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Modification is sort of a personal thing, so it's tough to recommend much without guidance.

A few things come to mind.....

Some sort of upgraded headlight. You can go LED, HID, complete replacement of the bucket w/ LED (see AliExpress for what I mean)-- the stock headlight is pretty poor.

Backrest, rack, Sundowner seat will make it a lot more bearable for two-up riding.

Larger 5 gallon tank if you have the 3.5 gallon one-- the extra fuel makes a pretty significant difference in range. V-Rod's tend to be thirsty.

Some of the parts are getting hard to find, but they do show up on The 'Bay or even better- here in the Classifieds section.

Perseverance is key.

Anyhow, Welcome. There's a wealth of information on the bikes here, and a look of good people.

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