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FINALLY - all mods done & ready to ride

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I know I waited too long to get everything ordered -

But today was the day I installed my shortened shocks (thanks for the QUICK turn-around Skullman), V Modded SE Slip-ons, SE filter, & PCIIIUSB Power Commander (from Chopper Steve).

As soon as my wife gets home, she'll help me "shoehorn" the V Rod out of the basement into the garage, if the weather holds, I'll be riding tonite (for the first time this year).

Couldn't wait to hear the V Mod SEs, so I started it up in the basement - the dog came running like "who's here" !!!

Another hour or so ......................................

Take care all,

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vrodvinny said:
Whata you mean your done? :confused: Your never done when it comes to enhancing the beauty of the v-rod.
Your gonna love the new power,then you'll want more. ;)
Where in the midwest you from?
Done for NOW (today, or maybe this week) !!!

I'm in Omaha, worst weather and highest taxes this side of New York.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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