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Hi guys 1st. post here, and a few questions.
I'm about to buy my bosses 06 VRSCD. He bought from new as last years model with a greate rebate on it, and in same time he decided to "Upgrade" to VRSCDX, well sort of..
He got it with the original VRSCDX wheels, and the X swingarm.

But I have a few questions on the difference between those to models.

I have read it will require a narrower belt to make the transformation (X wider rearwheel), but is it also narrower on the X ? If,,, why not ??

I can see that the passenger peg brackets is boltede on the X model.
Is the brakets on the 06 Night Rod also that ?

What about the 06 1130 engine vs the 1250. I'm not thinking numbers, more about problems/issues vs the new 1250 engine.

Finally, what is it about the frame. has the 08 model and forward a wider frame compared to the 06 model, and how ????

Hope you guys can help me on that :notworth:

Cheers Lars

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I don't know about the belt, but I'm pretty sure you can upgrade to a 240 using the stock swing arm.
The passenger foot pegs are bolted to the frame on the D.
All the 08 models and forward are a wider frame than prior years.
A lot of things changed from 07 to 08. 1250 motor, a larger 5 gallon gas tank (because of the wider frame), slipper clutch and Brembo brakes.
Hope this helps.
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