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Dual bulb (H9-high & H11-Low) bi-xenon digital ballast HID kit.

I did a LOT of research, and this was the best HID kit on the market that I could find.

Includes 2 bulbs, two digital ballasts and associated wiring. The smaller ballasts are a LOT easier to mount on the bike (see attached pic).

This kit will NOT work on a D or DX-- you have to have two (H9 & H11) bulbs, but will work on any of the two-bulb bikes (VRSCA, B, AW, F, R).

Kit was purchased direct from SoCalMotoGear in Sept, 2015 and have been used less than 25 hours (near career-ending injury and a death in the family put paid to my riding for a good while-- AND I ended up getting a GS, so my F doesn't get used much other than a quick trip to dinner occasionally).

Here's the link to the kit for specifics: http://www.socalmotogear.com/Harley-V-ROD-HID-KIT-BI-XENON-HI-LO-BEAM-p/hdvh11.htm

SoCalMotoGear still sells this exact kit, but they're backordered until August, so that should tell you something.

These are COMPLETELY plug and play, although I'd recommend doing the free-easy-no-cutting-wires "FBJ Mod" to use them-- that will solve the problem of HID bulb warm-up when you switch to high beams (i.e. low beam will stay on when high beam is triggered). Here's the link to the mod: http://www.1130cc.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3617786&postcount=419

Cost new is $165 plus shipping.

Sell for $95 net shipped CONUS. (so, either use PP F&F or add 3% for fees)



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