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2010 Harley-Davidson Black Denim Ice XL1200N Nightster w/ forward controls. $6700

This is the bike I built for my wife and it performs FAR better than a regular Sportster, but since my wife had a serious (non-bike) injury a few years back she doesn’t feel comfortable riding anymore. The bike is in truly excellent condition.

The front fork internals and rear suspension have both been upgraded, all lights and signals have been replaced with LED’s, brake pads, brake fluid, wheels and tires have been upgraded, engine and primary oil have been upgraded, it has a custom buffalo hide solo seat and performance has been improved by a higher performance air intake and exhaust pipes, a professional ECM tune and a quarter-turn throttle. It has a ton of additional custom upgrades and accessories that are included in the sale as well (see full list below).

The bike is a blue/purple color and it changes with the angle and the light. The bike gets compliments EVERYWHERE—when we’ve ridden together, my own bike might as well be invisible when parked next to it. It really needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.

Mileage is 6,020 (at the moment) and the bike has been professionally tuned with a TTS MasterTune module, eliminating the usual “Harley Dip” at 4000 rpm—it pulls smoothly and linearly and it has a truly outstanding exhaust note. It averages 50-55 mpg with a range of approximately150 miles between fill-ups.

The only flaw with the bike is that the low fuel light comes on occasionally when it shouldn’t. This has been present since I purchased the bike from the original owner in early 2012, but it’s not an issue-- simply set the trip meter at each fuel stop and refuel within 150 miles. There are also a few very small chips in the paint on lower right of front fender and a few very small use-scratches overall—none are visible except under very close examination. That’s it for issues with the bike.

Sale of the bike includes all of the following installed on the bike:

- 2” convex K-Source blind spot mirrors (attached to stock mirrors)
- Anodized purple valve stem caps
- Avon Custom Contour gloss black hand grips w/ rubber inserts
- Bitchin’ Seat Company Custom Solo buffalo hide w/ nitro-gel insert seat
- Cruiser Accessories gloss black license plate frame
- Cycle Standard gloss black gas cap
- Figure Engineering gloss black “yin-yang” points cover
- Ergonomic satin black Custom Chrome clutch & brake hand levers
- Harley-Davidson VRSC document holder (installed behind battery cover)
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 gloss black fork mounted turn signal relocation kit
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 gloss black frenched headlight trim ring
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 gloss black front axle covers
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 gloss black rear axle covers
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 gloss black swingarm pivot bolt covers
- Joker Machine satin black axle adjusters
- Motherwell Solo satin black luggage rack
- Pyramid front fender extender
- Roland Sands Design Moto gloss black footpegs
- Speed Dealer Customs gloss black shift peg

- Amsoil 20W-50 synthetic engine oil (2.8 quarts, replaced 8/19, 5330 miles)
- Amsoil 20W-50 synthetic primary oil (1 quart, replaced 8/19, 5330 miles)
- Amsoil EaAM23 high-flow nanofilter air filter (installed 6/18)
- Amsoil EaOM134 nanofilter oil filter (replaced 8/19, 5330 miles)
- DEI Reflect-a-Cool installed on backs of exhaust heat shields & air intake
- DK Custom Cyclone Outlaw HiFlow 587 air intake w/ transparent cover
- DK Custom oil breather bolts
- ECM/fuel map reprogrammed with TTS MasterTune by Randy’s SpeedWrench of Denver
- Exhaust header & straight pipes coated w/ Cerakote V-171 Ceramic Turbine Coat
- Harley-Davidson 6R12 (32362-04A) spark plugs
- Rush Racing satin black exhaust heat shields
- Rush Racing satin black Slash Cut slip-on exhaust pipes w/ 1.75” baffles
- San Diego Customs ¾ turn aluminum throttle sleeve insert

- ATE Super Blue brake & clutch fluid (replaced 8/19, 5330 miles)
- Harley-Davidson XL883N satin black 13-spoke cast aluminum wheels
- Lyndall Racing front (7233) & rear (7234) Gold-Plus brake pads (replaced 8/19, 5330 miles)
- Metzeler ME880 Marathon 100/90-19 front tire
- Metzeler ME880 Marathon 150/80B16 rear tire
- Progressive Suspension 444 11.5” gloss black progressive-rate rear shocks
- Progressive Suspension monotube front fork cartridges

- Badlands-III LED load equalizer
- Custom Dynamics Genesis 1157 amber LED front turn signal inserts
- Custom Dynamics Genesis 1157 dual-intensity red LED rear turn signal/brake light inserts
- Deltran SAE battery charging cable
- Duracel Ultra AGM, DURAGM-14L battery (Replaced 08/18)
- Eagle Lights 5 ¾” Gen-III Halo LED headlamp
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 high-volume horn
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 front & rear smoked turn signal lens covers
- Harley-Davidson XL1200N LED chopped fender edge light
- Heat Demons internal handgrip warmers w/ led control perch
- Bluegauges.com speedometer illumination w/ blue backlight & red needle

- Chase Harper Bungee Buddy
- Outdoor Products 20L dry bag (fits inside rear roll bag)
- Harley-Davidson rear roll bag
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 Compact quick-release windshield w/ locking clamp
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 indoor bike cover
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 leather swingarm bag
- Held Case 6.5L magnetic tank bag w/ rain cover
- Outdoor nylon bike cover

- Air filter
- Air intake assembly w/ “1200” logo plate
- Brake pads (used 5330 miles)
- Clutch & brake hand levers (satin black)
- Clutch perch (satin black)
- Clutch shift peg w/ rubber boot
- Slip-on exhaust pipes (chrome)
- Exhaust heat shields (chrome)
- Footpegs (gloss black)
- Front fork internals
- Front turn signal lens covers (orange w/ bulbs)
- Gas cap (silver)
- Handgrips
- Headlamp, trim ring (silver) & halogen bulb
- Horn
- Ignition keys (2)
- Locking windshield clamp keys (2)
- Points cover (“5”)
- Rear shocks (chrome)
- Rear turn/brake lens covers, (red w/ bulbs)
- Solo seat (w/ custom internal foam)
- Windshield clamp (chrome), non-locking

- Amsoil 20W-50 synthetic engine oil (1 quart)
- Deltran Battery Tender Plus battery charger & maintainer
- Harley-Davidson keychain
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 owner’s manual
- Harley-Davidson XL1200 shop manual
- Maxx motorcycle sunglasses & case
- Outerwears hydrophobic air filter rain cover
- “Remove Before Flight” keychain

The bike has a clean Colorado title and is turn-key and ready to ride with all fluids (oil, primary and brake) recently replaced. I don’t have the time to return the bike back to stock and sell parts individually (the custom buffalo-hide seat alone was $1400), so everything is being sold together as a package.

Price is $6,700 (listed locally on CL for $6,900). Bike is located in SW Denver.
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