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Sorry I posted this twice, I think I put it in the wrong sub-forum.

I have a 03 VRSCA that is stock minus the Screamin Eagle exhaust. I bought the bike about 2 months ago. I have had no problems until tonight. I was out for a ride and all the sudden on the highway my bike got much louder. I pulled off at the next exit and looked at my exhaust. One of the Baffles came out?!?!?! I'm not sure how it happened or where it is now. But, now I have one pipe with a baffle and one pipe without. :banghead:

What should I do? It is loud now with one baffle out, I can't imagine it with the other out.

Will it hurt it if I do take the other baffle out?
Will it hurt it if I leave it the way it is with one with and one without until I get a replacement baffle or exhaust?
Can I get replacement baffles?

Thanks for the help!!

Here is a pic of the exhaust.


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Bet it sounds a lot better though!

If you do take the other baffle out you will need a tuner to up the petrol situation as it will run weak. Best get a Dobeck TFI or equivalent as they are fairly easy to tune and you don't need a computer and can get away without a dyno tune.

There are several posts on modding the exhaust - called v-mod I think - which are worth reading.

It wont hurt to run the bike for a while as it is - just don't rev too high or keep at a high constant rev'

You could probably get exhausts of e-bay but your cheapest bet is find an aftermarket baffle of the same diameter as the end of your exhaust. Push it in and retain with a long screw from the side - as the actress said to the bishop.


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those baffles are only held in with 1 scew ,so it must have come out, funny when u want them to come out those baffles dont ever come out easy ,

post up in the wanted section of the classifieds ,im sure someone will have a spare set hopefully they have been modded so u get some good sound with being overly loud ,i wouldnt ride it to far without a new baffle or if u put a modded one back in it will need some form of tuning ,
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