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Excited First Time HD/Vrod Owner!

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Hi, I just joined and wanted to reach out as I just bought my first HD and it is a 2004 VRSCB. I am just getting into it but love it already. There is some for me to work on but I am excited to be part of the family now!!
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There's a wealth of information here-- both with the Search function and from individual members.

It's a great bike-- you're going to have a blast!

Thanks, I am glad to be here!! BTW, my bike has a Samson Street Sweeper exhaust(which sounds awesome!!), a Rifle Fairing, aftermarket grips and mirrors, black powder coated wheels, exhaust, and front fender mount. Also the airbox is half topless and has just over 12k miles. Now I am looking to do some additional basic mods, and replace the rear shocks with HF prgressives ASAP as I am a big guy and need the support.. lol.. I am open to recommendations, suggestions, pointers, and any tips and tricks..

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Welcome to the forum and enjoy the new ride!
:welcome:Nice bike.
Welcome !
Welcome. I have Samson street sweepers on my 2002 VRSCA, and agree with you it sounds great! A little on the loud side though, so I usually wear earplugs if I’m going for 30 minutes or more.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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