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I noticed today that my engine has started cutting out if I am accelerating hard. It seems to be missing at 4000 rpm or there abouts. I am still in the break in period, I have about 400 miles on it, so I am limited to 5000 rpm. Any suggestions? I am probably going to talk to my dealer this week, but thought I would see if you folks had any suggestions first. I do have Samson Short Slasher exhaust, could the flash the dealer did when he changed the pipes have anything to do with this problem? I'm considering going back to the stock pipes after some of the comments on here about Samson products, but I do love the sound.
Check your coils could be electrical.Or a Lean/Rich codition?Fuel or Spark thats chances are it won't be to serious! :kaz:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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