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Well, this is my 4th Harley and the most favorite "WHEN RUNNING"!

My bike has been in for two cosmetic, and one electrical fix under warranty (bad chrome bubbling, being no fault of my own, and a screwy gas gauge). Now after getting it back from my 1000 mile service, a bad gasket in my front brake causing me to turn around the next day and leave the bike at the dealership again for a fourth warranty issue (working on 3 weeks of it being gone now out of owning it only for two months).

Just picked up my bike yesterday for the weekend and happy to have it back, when all of a sudden two hours into my ride my bike goes black and it is dead. No power no nothing. I have to wait nearly two hours for a tow and deal with a little rain ... WTF?

I now have to wait until Tuesday for the dealership to open up and my weekend is shot. I am ready to push this bitch off a cliff and get a BMW.

I have read about electrical issues with this bike before ... any ideas?

Oh, and no I have not washed it with a power washer or done anything to mess with the wires. This bike has only seen rain once and was immediately cleaned off once home.

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Getting a BMW would be ironic really...

Check the battery lead hasn't fallen off if there has been an electrical issue - someone may not have tightened it. Also check the main fuse under the eight hand cover.

Tell us more about the "electrical issue" so we can guess what someone has done?

Or was that the fuel gauge? Good luck with that, the sender doesn't work.

You know, reading your list:

Bubbling Chrome: to cut down on cyanide, they've come up with laws about how chroming is done. Chrome is now very dodgy.

Fuel gauge: Shoot Harley. They are using a sonic sensor and the vapour, amazingly, seems to attack the sender. This has been going on for three years, no fix. FWIW my one works fine in Portugal, but if I fill up in Spain, the gauge stops working for a week.

Bad gasket in the brakes: That's appalling. And dangerous. Unless... you don't mean a tiny smear from the reservoir do you?

If so, I don't see that any of these are reasons to leave it at the dealers, but there you go. Get them to get the bits, have them done at the service.

The electrics are OK, odds are the mechanic has messed up while doing the fuel sensor. Check the obvious as above....

Hope you have better luck now.
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