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Does anyone know anything about this product or the company. If this thing works, looks like a magic solution. I found this post on the yahoo forum.

I just got from my visit to the Terry Components shop and talked with Gary who
is there press guy. He first told me the unit didn't work at this point in time
on the V-Rod. He then got a call from the front desk saying they just received a
unit for the V-Rod. He then told me they needed a test bike and asked me if I
would be interested. We went out so he could look at my bike and see where
things would fit. We came to the conclusion it would indeed fit. They are going
to install the O2 bung on the front cylinder head pipe about 4" from the exhaust
port with the O2 sensor facing inward. The actual unit will be installed where
the PCIIIr is now (under the L/S cover). They will dyno my bike as it is set up
now for a baseline, then remove the PCIIIR and install their unit. I will then
ride it for 100 miles and then return it to them for a follow up dyno session. I
will also put some more miles on it to record fuel economy numbers.

If the results aren't good, we can remove the unit and the O2 and just cap the
bung hole and reinstall the PCIIIr. Should be interesting to say the least.

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