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ECM question

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I went to the powercommander web site to look at down loads. This what I have:

M809-006 - Samson "Long Slashers" exhaust (1 3/4" baffles), Stock ECM and Screamin Eagle air filter

What does Stock ECM mean?

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If I already have the PCIII on my bike and can I use this down load? I know longer have the factory EMC.
Sorry about the stupid questions...The dealer installed the PCIII. How do I know what map is on it? To begin. I had the bike stock. I added the Samson Long Slashers and took it to the dealer. The K&M filter was installed and a Harley Download was injected. This download was for the HD SE 16ga Double Barrells. I later took it to another dealer and had the PCIII installed and the bike really is good now but after talking to the service guys at these dealerships, I find that they know very little about the VRod and the EFI set up. Having said that, I'm trying to learn more on my own. Now I would like to know what map I have on my ride and see if it matches up to the equipment I have. Any suggestions would be very welcomed.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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