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DynoJet Tuning Centers

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Has anybody had any experience with the Dynojet Tuning Centers ?? I am trying to find a shop that has a dyno. The Powercommander web site directs you to these approved centers. The local HD dealer is listed, but I hesitate because they blew me off when I was trying to buy my bike.

I have never used such a place and am looking for advice. How much does it cost ?? I have heard that dyno tuning shortens the life of your rear tire. I want to get the bike tuned for the combo of V-Mods and K&N with the SE1 flash and PC.

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A couple of the HD dealers in my area are Dynojet Tuning Centers.
I've used one (and you need to use the same one to avoid variation) and I've had good experience. It cost $40. The guy does a couple of runs and measures the HP and torque. If you want a custom map tuned for your bike (PC3, V-Mods, etc,) the guy told me it costs $150.
I've only done the run to see how much power I gained with the V-Mods and the PC3 w/ SE air filter. I gained a couple of horses and 2 ft-lbs of torque. The bike is running a little rich with the 020 map from Chopper Steve (probably becasue I don't run topless, yet). I have to decide if I want to run topless to give more air or to get a custom map developed with the top on.

I recommned you go back to the dealer and talk to the service guys (which are the ones that are actually going to be working on your bike) and see if they treat you better.
Some dealers have a crappy sales department (cocky-ass salesmen who think they're doing you a favor by selling you a bike) but happen to have very good service dept. So check it out.
If they give you bad service then take it to any other tuning ctr.
I think that to be a certified tuning center they have to go thru the Dynojet Training, so it probably doesn't matter if it is the HD tech or the "Jiffy-Lube" tech who does it because they both probably took the same training class at Dynojet (as long as they are certified Dynojet tuning ctr, you should be OK).

I think the life of the rear tire isn't impacted by the Dyno runs, as long as the guy isn't making the tires squeal.
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