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DynoJet Tuning Centers

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Has anybody had any experience with the Dynojet Tuning Centers ?? I am trying to find a shop that has a dyno. The Powercommander web site directs you to these approved centers. The local HD dealer is listed, but I hesitate because they blew me off when I was trying to buy my bike.

I have never used such a place and am looking for advice. How much does it cost ?? I have heard that dyno tuning shortens the life of your rear tire. I want to get the bike tuned for the combo of V-Mods and K&N with the SE1 flash and PC.

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Both dealers I have gone to,had the Dynojet.I have the pcIIIr now.My last dyno time,the kid knew what he was doing.
That su(ks you have to remove the P.C.The dealer I go to has new v-rods on the showroom floor with pipes and the P.C.They are an authorized P.C. dealer.I have no problems with mine when I bring it in.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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