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DynoJet Tuning Centers

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Has anybody had any experience with the Dynojet Tuning Centers ?? I am trying to find a shop that has a dyno. The Powercommander web site directs you to these approved centers. The local HD dealer is listed, but I hesitate because they blew me off when I was trying to buy my bike.

I have never used such a place and am looking for advice. How much does it cost ?? I have heard that dyno tuning shortens the life of your rear tire. I want to get the bike tuned for the combo of V-Mods and K&N with the SE1 flash and PC.

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Thanks for the feedback.:)

air1kdf, I put the SE1 flash in my bike to keep the service manager at the dealer happy. I am going to use them for service and he had a problem with pipes and no flash. Now I still have to remove the PC when it goes in for service but not the pipes.
Finally broke down and called the local HD dealer today and got the skinny on what they do and how much it will cost.

Drop the bike off for the day and for $175 they will create a custom map for my bike. The guy on the phone seemed to know what he was talking about, but was not the Dynojet certified tech. They have 2 techs that have been certified. I was suprised that he knew about the V-Mods muffs. They do not use the maps available, only do custom work. I will get a printout from every run to show the progress and the final outcome.
I thought about the custom map being available for others to use since the 020 & 021 maps for v-mod pipes are for running topless. Seems that some don't like going the topless route but settle for the available maps. I ran the bike topless and did not care for the added noise.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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