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DynoJet Tuning Centers

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Has anybody had any experience with the Dynojet Tuning Centers ?? I am trying to find a shop that has a dyno. The Powercommander web site directs you to these approved centers. The local HD dealer is listed, but I hesitate because they blew me off when I was trying to buy my bike.

I have never used such a place and am looking for advice. How much does it cost ?? I have heard that dyno tuning shortens the life of your rear tire. I want to get the bike tuned for the combo of V-Mods and K&N with the SE1 flash and PC.

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vrodvinny said:
That su(ks you have to remove the P.C.The dealer I go to has new v-rods on the showroom floor with pipes and the P.C.They are an authorized P.C. dealer.I have no problems with mine when I bring it in.
It really doesn't suck that much since the bike will run fine with just the SE flash (assuming they put in the one for the slip ons). The PC isn't needed with the V-Mods, SE AF and SE Flash. It will probably only net about 5 hp more than the SE flash and if tuned wrong, kill the fuel economy :2cents

We have an area set aside for EFI issues and welcome people to share their maps (if you're so inclined).

Just open up a new thread in http://www.v-rodforums.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=8
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