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dyno sticky

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so i see all the dyno for 1250cc but not any 1130cc, and since i will not have access to one til after x-mas (wife's rule) i need a guess on what my 02 with the screaming eagle pipes/stock with vmod done (have both), k&n filter and ecu flash is putting out. it also has a 200 series tire.

any guesses will be better then what i can come up with since this is not only my first vrod but first hd.

THANKS for the guesses
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between 105-110 horse power is what i thought BUT it is the torque number i am not sure about
depends on how 'happy' the dyno is of course and too many other variables, fun to do but a bit meaningless, so long as she rides good :)
between 105-110 horse power is what i thought BUT it is the torque number i am not sure about
It'll be around 75 +/- 3.
so on par with a 2000 bandit 1200s with a holeshot pipe stage 3 jet kit and gsxr 750 cams. nice
Unless you hit 8999 Rpm, you are not using what you already have.

Yea, my Stg 1 1130 was 108 RwHp running rich at the top. Probably 110-112 dialed in. Dyno guy said most 1130's run 92 Rwhp on his dyno and I thought that was B/S and he was surprised mine ran what it did - So lets say 112 Rwhp - 2.5 Hp for the 200 = 109.5 right in there somewhere, and LL Cool K's 75-78 Tq is right on if all else is well. Damn good N/A engine performance all considered, and pretty much all you need unless you are Hell bent on making a 600+ # N/A bike run outside it's envelope. ( Which I am ):blahblah: :D
My 03 I had it on dyno 3 time's at Gail's Harleydavidson when they had the Vrod rally in KC The first time was just K&N air filter and stock pipe's was 102.54 HP next time was with drilled out muffler's it went to 105.78 HP the Third time it had tab baffled pipe's no turner it was the best at 107.50 and max torque was 71.33 I had all three dyno sheet's and the guys that run the dyno said the drilled out pipes was the best because if I keep the tab's on it would need a turner now I have screaming eagle's muffler's on and bottom line is they are all fun just some louder than other's
I should've mentioned my 108 Hp run was with a BuB 7 2-1 pipe, with a simple Dobeck type Arlen Ness fuel manager. After the run I leaned out the top end fuel and richened the mid range as per the A/F ratios on the run and it ran much better with a much cleaner pull from mid to top end. These engines respond very well to proper fueling (and run like crap without it.) The stock 2-1-2 aux volume pipe with baffled Tabs is a great setup as well I just thought I'd dump 22 Lbs off the bike so I got the Bub 7. Can't wait to get my new 1250 done and properly tuned - hoping for mid 135 Hp, 75-78 Tq range - that should be fine for the riding I do and still be as reliable as stock without destroying fuel tank range too bad :blahblah: :D
I'm at 118.8 hp and 87.6 tq. Measured on a Mustang load cell dyno.

Achieving this number required about seven hours on the dyno with a pro engine tuner. Made a bit over 120 with the airbox lid on but like the look and sound of topless. Exhaust is custom built and unlike any of the crap on the market. No internal mods but valves run at minimum clearance.

Here are dyno runs showing three pipes. Sampson, D&D, and mine.

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samson pipes are CRAP i had them on my #12 of 100 antares design warrior and they cracked and needed to be re-welded 6 times, i called samson and was told they could never did get the pipes right so they stopped making pipes for the metric bikes
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