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Hello all, the following is parts I am look for.

All parts are going on 2008 VRSCDX (Black), so any parts need to be compatible with 2008. All part numbers are listed so anyone can look to see if in fact it's the part you have.

Prices (ballpark) is posted to the right of each part that I am looking to spend. These numbers are based off what I have seen these parts sell for on Ebay and other places. I am also looking for these parts to either cut, or build molds from for Carbon Fiber fabrication. So finish on said parts don't need to be in good shape, but need to be undamaged or deformed. They also might slightly be based on the fact I am in the Military and don't have tons of cash to spend. And fully aware shipping will cost some also.

Items in red I no longer need.

1. Upper and Lower belt covers: 60474-07 / 60473-07A $20-25
2. Cover assembly for sprocket: 37156-07 $20
3. Sprocket wheel (72T/240mm tire): 40590-07 $40-50
4. Horn Cover: 69537-07 $10
5. Riser handlebar: 55999-06 $50
6. Front fender: 59789-07BEO $50
7. Headlight bulb, stock: 68329-03 (no longer need)
8. Inner airbox cover: 29434-03 No longer need)
9. Outer airbox cover (paint or not, no dents): 66154-07BEO (no longer need)

Pic attached showing parts that aren't widely known.

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