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drag bar question

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Ok-I am losing alot of money but here is my thoughts-I had the reduced reach bars put on last month and with my corbin seat seems to be a perfect fit, however, in this laid back position when you get on this bike (which is all of the time) I am fighting to hang on. My question is, even with my short arms, will I enjoy the bike more with the leaned forward drag bars? I am mostly concerned about the comfort on longer rides. If I do change the bars, is there anyone out there interested in my reduced reach bars?
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I paid 231.12 with 10% discount and 7% sales tax. How about $175.00 plus shipping?
TIvy i have the HD drag bars, but i have long arms, so its not a leaned forward position for me, but i find it more comfortable the having my arms bent the way they were with the stock bars.
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