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Here is an easy one,

I've been trying to get 3 spoke, sport bike inspired wheels for my Vrod-- a bit like those available from Speed-point.

The problem is the size, the 19 " front wheel diameter is very non-std. Most companies only stock 17" and 18" wheels.

Cast Magnesium or Carbon Fibre would be best. Check out the cool wheels available from Dymag (real track material)... there are 3 spoke CF wheels available as well, very slick!

So what is the downside, from a performance perspective of going to an 18" front wheel? Any thoughts? I'm aware of the gap between the tire and fender, it doesnt look too bad, IMHO.

Clearance, handling etc... would it be a good idea to lengthen the front forks?



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Not really!Super Bikes"I have a few" go upto 200mph on them so it would handle much better and the tires available are really Sticky!Looks and price are your big obstacles.If you got the Time and Money I say GO FOR IT!:cool:
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