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Not really sure where this post actually belongs, but since I spend most of my time in this area, I thought I would start to seek some direction in here.

I have a 2011 Muscle in black and just love it. No complaints what-so-ever, with what I consider, the kewlest bike on the road.

Anyway, last April (15 months ago), while on vacation in Las Vegas, I purchased this jacket at Las Vegas Harley Davidson.


HD - 98099-07VM

Since I made the purchase I have driven my bike only 2200kms and have experienced 3 different problems with the jacket.

First problem, the snap on the bottom near my left hip, does not stay snapped, and is always flapping around.

Second problem, the stitching on the seem (about 4 inches down from the left arm-pit) is letting go and is opened almost 2 inches.

Third problem, the snap on the top of the neck collar, has now completely pulled out, so my neck area cannot be closed over.

I'm pretty disappointed cause I didn't exactly cheap out on this jacket, but I don't believe I purchased the quality piece that I thought I was buying. I mean this jacket has not even been used in the rain. My bike has not even seen rain yet.

I tried to find an email address to submit my complaint but was unable to find anything.

Has anyone experienced any issues like this and if so was there any level of success with the complaint.

Thanks of any direction you might be able to provide me with.

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I'd try taking it to your local dealer any tell them your story and see what they say, option 2 http://www.harley-davidson.com/en_US/Content/Pages/Utility/contact-us.html try to contact HD direct, worse case, you'll have to make your own repairs, remember that the squeaky wheel gets the grease so go at it full force and raise hell, unfortunately like everything else now days it's made in China

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If I were you I'd be all over the HD dealer about the quality of the POS they sold you. All HD apparel is way over priced for the quality they give you.
I bought a pair of $50 leather riding gloves from an HD dealer that I wore out in 3 months. 3 of the finger tips wore through and the stitching was coming apart every where. My $50 leather riding jacket that I bought from a vendor at a flea market, on the other hand, is 7 years old all and the zippers and stitching and snaps are still like new.
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