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On my 04B model, I'm curious how many styles of tins were available when it was originally purchased. I have a set of orange flamed customs and another set of black, red & blue flamed radicals that are in storage because I was tired of worrying about scratching them up. Could someone correct me if I'm wrong here. Is this the different levels of painted tins available for the VRSC B models:

1) Standard usually single colored or called stock tins
2) HD Custom which are non-numbered custom painted tins
3) Custom Radical which is what I have saved. I have #135 of 200.
4) Custom Elite Radical which I was told is limited to 50 copies and are also radically priced.

Am I close in understanding that the above is what was available for the VRSC models in 04 or was there a fifth option which had to do with the Screaming Eagle model. (If the SE was even available in 04, I'm not even sure) I'm only interested in Harley Davidson production paint schemes, nothing aftermarket. I'm not even sure the Elite Radicals were available for the VRSC line but I know they were available for there models. For what it's worth, if you're ever interested in some custom tins, you'd be surprised how many dealers have custom tins stored away in their parts department that are for bikes that are over 3 years old and you might be able to bargain squabble with them. A dealer actually told me this!

Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated and end my curiousness.



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