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Pete7539 said:
I know alot of people think the stock shocks suck (they're right), but just get a spanner wrench and adjust the rears. The rears are set from factory for 180 lb. rider on notch 2. I'm 200 lb. and moved setting to notch 3. For me it made a big difference with absorbtion. Rebound still not great, but the extra comfort I got with buying a $10 dollar wrench was well worth it and will prolong the inevitable and expensive complete suspension upgrade.
Well.. when they say they suck, they just aren't expressing the real issue well enough. The fact is, the stock "shocks" don't have any real dampening. So besides the springs being maybe a bit soft for some people, that won't give the same (even close) ride that a good set of REAL shocks can provide.

As far as the front springs in the forks.. Again, there isn't any real dampening and the springs are way soft. The stock springs in the fork were measured at about 1/2 the rate I really needed (I'm 210). So, I replaced them with Race Tech springs and gold valve emulators (which give you good dampening). Now the front can absorb the roughest of bumps without bottoming and if it does bottom, it isn't a "CLUNK".

The ride is so much better that you can't even compare it.
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