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Hey Guys,
I'm new to the sight, been lurking around on here for a couple weeks now. Theres alot of good info. I bought a 2003 Vrod completely stock a couple months ago, traded my 2003 triumph daytona 955i for it and so far I impressed with how much more comfortable this bike is.
I have been planning a budget 240 since I got the bike and before I found this sight. I plan on doing it by having Kosmans widen my wheel to 8" and a local machine shop is narrowing down my pulley for $60.
My dilemma is that when I was at the machine shop figuring out measurements I told them to take it down to .850 I did this figuring that because the belt was .827 I would have enough gap. But now that I have been cruising the sight a little more i am finding that everyone else has had them machined down to .900
I would like to think it will still fit but am nervous because I don't know how tight it's gonna be. Any thoughts?

If I'm reading these posts right, all I need to do this job is:
my machined pulley
06 thin belt
widened factory rim
240 tire
all bearings, spacers, rubber, comp bowl stays stock
and inner fender, caliper arm, and belt guards can be trimmed.
Is this correct?

Thanks in advance

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you will need to use 06 SE thin belt and the width is 7/8" (.875) so make sure you don't make the pulley too narrow. it'd be better if you have the belt in hand so you would get the correct measurement. FWIW, go for .900. for the list, you got them right. Good luck!
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