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Aside from the previous responses, this is the HD definitions for Stage 1, Stage 2, etc.

Stage 1. Convince the coustomer that the bike that the dealer told them was so cool doesn't have enough power and needs an upgrade... Charge $$

Stage 2. Convince the customer that the previous upgrade they just paid $$ money for is not powerfull enough and they need another upgrade... Charge $$$ (BTW, all previous upgrade charges are null and void, you don't get an upgrade discount going to level 2 from level 1, so you should have gone right to level 2.... but they didn't tell you that up front)

Stage 3. Tell the customer you can't do an inspection on their bike because the Stage 1 and Stage 2 upgrades are not supposed to be for street legal bikes. Convinnce the customer that they have to go back to factory stock to pass inspection... Charge $$$

Stage 4. Tell the customer that they should go back to the stage 2 setup, but the cost they paid for the ECM flash and labor have to be paid again... Charge $$$
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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