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My VRSCDX died on me a couple of weeks back going 90mph on the freeway, no sputtering, no engine seizure or locking of the rear wheel, no smoking or oil spills at all. Just died on the freeway. I figured it was probably the fuel gauge messing with me again and I had run out of gas. Tried putting a bit of fuel, jump starting it and nothing. Recharged my battery and even opened up and decompressed top end to see if engine turns by hand and it all checks out.

All I get is a quick –pseudo start and then what appears like a clicking noise, try checking the starter as well and it works fine.

I hold the starter button to try to start it and the bike does a quick revolution like its going to start and then it just stops, if i hit starter again it just clicks, not like (starter is stuck) click more like an electrical click.

Check Engine light comes on after i try to start it, not when i turn the ignition on though.

The codes that came up and I cleared already were: b1121, b1122 and b1155.

The Ignition (key light) comes on after i try to start it as well, but i dont have an security system on it.

Engine does turn to try to turn on, i can hear it spark and try to turn on but then it stops.

I checked all my fuses as well.

Any ideas or maybe diagnosis help you could give me?

Thanks for any help for a fellow VRodder
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