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Dam my Bike Is Fast!

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I just went for my First long ride"60 miles don't Laugh"since I converted it back to street legal"No Rear Slick and Wheelie bars.I forgot How much fun it was!I froze my ASS OFF!:mad: Had Jeans on instead of my Full Leathers,but other then that I was Fine!The Rear struts were Not bad at all and I could stand on my pegs over Large Bumps with No problem.I have my Rev Limit set a LITTLE Higher Then Stock :rolleyes: ,and was very surprised how good she Handled at 155+mph!:eek: I did get a Little Nervousness in the front end on Very High Speed"100+mph" sweepers and will be fabricating a steering stabilizer!The New Filter,and Air Box setup worked Fantastic.All in All I might just waiting till after the 24th"first Race of the year" to do my BB Upgrade and a Few Other Tricks!:cool:
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Good to see you out riding it and not just making it a drag strip rocket!
Hey, about about THIS? Kaz actually RIDING? Whew!
here you go this might help ya.

and it was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!:hyper:

p.s,I tried the wheelie thing Again and I have a $100 bet to any of are Members that can show me a Proven Picture of them Wheeling!NOT A 3 INCH OFF THE GROUND BOUNCE BUT A REAL WHEELIE!Any Takers?:sinister:
Fork Brace

vrodvinny said:
here you go this might help ya.

Say Vinnie, do you have one of these braces? How well does it work?
Thanks, Eric
Glad to see that your back on the road. Regarding the rear struts I know that comfort might suffer but how did it preform in the turns. Did you hit any bumps in the turns?
Put it this way I could have dragged my Knee Sliders Easily!:diablo:
No I haven't yet.I have thought about it.
very surprised how good she Handled at 155+mph!
I hope that you have some connections in the LVPD!
Who said I was on a Public Road?:rolleyes:;)
Kaz... I was working the other day and "clocked" you doing 75mph in a 25mph zone, doing a wheelie, and sitting backwards on the bike! That's about 25 bizillion dollars in fines!:D

Yes Sir!:notworthy
I think all V-Rods have high MPH potential.I've had mine buried.140 plus!Next to a Yammadog, on a public highway.It was hard to hang onto with everything in the stock locations.

Elrod on the V-Rod
My 147lbs can't !:eek: Thats why I built the drag peg set up!Very Comfortable at VERY VERY High Speed!With the New Motor and Gearing change I should be 150+ in the 1/4!:cool:
You guys are the king of speed on the V-rod. The fastes I've had mine up to was 130 on a downhill part of the better freeway system on Oahu, called H-3.

At 130 it seemed the bike hunkerd down and was srtraight as an arrow. Had a hard time with the feet and pant legs in the stock position, and my ball size dropped to teeny so I backed off. Not so much the worry bout handling issues, as I was impressed, it was what could happen to the liscense if caught.

Last year Feb my wife and I rented a Elctra Glide in Vegas, and we darn near froze our butts off, so Kaz, I am sure it took awhile to thaw out after a couple high speed distance rides. Sure envy the open roads there though, as there is plenty of space to do your thing!
Thats honkin in the1/4.My brother that is a modifieing freak is a top dog tech on a 130+ 8.90's in the 1/4 on a 610cc Banchi.There hoping for 5.20S in the 1/8.Sumbitch runs on 60% fuel and lasts about twice as long as a top fueler!
Kaz if you ever make it to gainesville please let me know.I think you'd love some of our stuff.

Elrod on the V-Rod
I got my Navagation system setup in my Truck for a Few Little adventure your way this Year!:diablo: I just Love women with accents!:fahr38
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