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:thumb: Ok guys, I got a great deal on a set of D&D slip ons... $250 for the set, slightly used, to include a complete set of stock header pipes. Dont really need the headers, but if I want to experiment with an O2 set up, I dont have to use mine. After I got the stockers off (thanks Max and everyone for the How-Tos) I of course HAD to try starting it without any mufflers... what a noise! Ok, so I got the new ones on pretty easy, after I cleaned up all those parts on the bike you cant normally reach with the pipes on there, and then started it....I darned near soiled myself! What a sweet sound... nice deep bass rumble, and then a BARK when you open her up. I was :hyper: all around like a kid with a new bb gun! Both by service manager and the salesman I bought the pipes from assured me I could run her without a download, so I will until I decide what to do with the fuel management. The salesman, who I invited to join us because I realized, thanks to you all, I am better versed in my bike than the "techs", and I figured he could use some good info. He has the D&D 2-1s now, but is disappointed in the low end power. The techs told him its because there are no maps out for the V-Rod and the R/T. :bs: I told him they dont have a clue what they are talking about, and are totally wasting his time and money. Yes, they are the only ones with a dyno in the area, but that does NOT make them experts. So, it looks like I will end up with a PC after all. but, I sure do love the sound of the pipes. Will try to get a video for you all soon....

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