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So, are you telling me that The House is V-Rod friendly? My current service department is NOT working out. *cough*suburban*cough* Excellent salesmen and 10% off everything all the time, but horribly rude service dept.

Example: I got my fuel flange fixed a couple months before the "recall". After I get the letter in the mail, I stop by (because if you call, you will be on hold for 15 minutes) to see if I got the updated one, and they say rudely "Well, did we fix it? Then you got the new one".
When they did fix it, I had to take off the PC3 and put the stock air filter back on, because they didn't put them on and "we don't know whats been done to the bike, so we can't work on it", even after I told them that is all that has been done. Taking off the PC3 resulting in the bike being unrideable, they had to come pick it up.
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