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Hey ya’ll,

I’m upgrading to a Metz 200. I removed the rails that need a little shaving. In the process I found a couple of things…

First: I found that the HD dealer that put my luggage rack on, at purchase, used standard bolts to secure the base plate, not metric, and striped the allen head on a rack bolt. HD dealer is normally pretty good but this just made me #^*%@ #%*! The bolts were not only the wrong type but the wrong length and loose. The threads, nuts that are welded to the frame, are torn up as well. Hopefully I will be able to salvage them.

Second : between the rear pulley and wheel I found small pieces of rubber from the “cushion compensator“. I have 5500 miles and this is the first time the wheel has been off. The compensator appears to still fit good in the wheel. Has anyone found the same type thing? Is it any thing to be concerned about or is it normally?

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