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well it sure smells purdy!
Costs about triple S100,and have to order it via the mail so the convenience factor is NONE.

Just like the S100, you spray it on the bike then hose it off w/concentrated stream. It does a great job of cleaning the bike without rubbing, even removes all the bugs and brake dust. It cleans better than the S100, but for the price difference it just is not worth it.

The Cherry Bike Wash is thicker than S100 which means it takes a lot more water to rinse it all off. Couple the extra water needed to rinse, lack of convenience, and the triple cost factor in the mix, and I have to say DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY

Captain Richard's Bombs Away metal polish
Easy application as the product is a liquid. It works really well with the Mother's powerball mini, but you must move quickly as to not allow it to dry. It does a good job of polishing and protecting the bare aluminum rims on my AW, but no better than most other polishes. If you allow the bombs away to dry, it is a bitch to remove.
Does a good job on chrome and is much easier to use on chrome surfaces. I don't believe it does any better a job than Pig Snot polish on chrome.
I performed a "penny test" between the Cpt. and Nevr'dull.
I applied Bombs away to a copper penny face then rubbed for 2 minutes with microfibre cloth, then did the same process to the back of the same penny with Nevr'dull. I must say that the never dull performed better and costs a third less and is readily available at nearly EVERYWHERE.
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