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We know that in 2004, Harley switched to a more solid, but more expensive, fan frame that contained BOTH fans. This meant we couldn't replace just one fan...officially. I had read this was possible and actually did it to my 13NRS. And figured I type up a tutorial.

So here is how you replace just ONE fan on a 2004+ VRSC*

Officially you need to replace both fans at once, as they are in a sealed unit. About $200+ from Harley.

However, you CAN replace just one fan, if you know what you're doing. The fans are produced by SPAL and are model# va31-a101-46a, part number 30103011.

Here's how to replace one fan:

Items needed:
1. Patience
2. Nerves of steel
3. SPAL fan va31-a101-46a
4. 10mm socket
5. Uh...whatever socket size the radiator support bolts are...13mm? 1/2 in?
6. #2 Phillips head screwdriver
7. Center punch AKA finishing nail countersink
8. Small hammer or other similar beating instrument
9. Wire cutters
10. Wire strippers
11. Heat shrink tubing
12. Heat gun or hair dryer (lighter works in a pinch)
13. Soldering gun
14. Solder
15. About 30 minutes to spare

I'm going to assume you have a service manual, so I don't have to explain every little detail. If you don't have a service manual, go buy one.

1. Remove radiator cover/shroud
2. Remove lower radiator support bracket (AKA front crossmember)
3. Loosen top radiator support bolts
4. Remove three bolts (10mm socket) from the fan frame assembly. One on each side, and one top middle. It's a bitch to get to without completely removing the radiator, but you can do it.
5. Unplg both fans (plugs under left radiator cover)
6. Slide fan assembly down and out through the bottom of the frame. It helps if you have the bike up on a scissor lift for ground clearance.

Now the fun part. By this point you will have ordered and received this EXACT fan:

Spal 30103011 5.2" Paddle Blade Puller Fan https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009OBP0Z6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_x1olDbBFH8EPZ

You can get it direct from SPAL for about $10 more if you don't like Amazon. Make sure you get the PULLER fan.

Now we're going to swap fans. I recommend starting with the busted fan, in case you screw it up...who cares.

1. On the back of the fan is three screws. Remove them. The fan will be loose in the assembly, but you'll notice the fan blades don't allow it come out of the frame.

2. Lay the fan assembly in your lap with the fan blades facing UP. (you're sitting down by now, right?) Important the fan blades are facing UP. Center the broken fan between your legs.

3. Now take your center punch and small hammer. Place the center punch in the middle of thr fan blade, right where you see the metal pin holding on the blades.

4. Lightly tap the center punch with the small hammer. This will push the metal pin, and with it the motor, out of the back of the frame. So now you have a frame with just one fan.

5. Now, grab your brand new SPAL puller fan model #va31-a101-46a. Get ready to void any warranty it carried.

6. Optional: I recommend testing the fan first by jumping it with a 9v battery. POS to POS and NEG to NEG. It's a 12v fan, but 9v is enough to spin it.

7. Remove the three screws from the back side.

8. Now flip it over in your lap. Use your center punch to tap out the pin/motor to free the fan blades and remove it from the frame. Careful not to let the motor fall between your legs and strike the ground. Cause if it does, and it stops working, you don't have a warranty anymore.

9. Now, place the new fan motor in the V-Rod fan frame and secure it with the three screws.

10. Take the fan blades and press them back on to the motor housing. I just pressed it ok by hand, others have used a press. Just don't beat on it with a hammer. Press it on firmly.

11. Ok, that part is done. One more trick. Look at your new plug. Now look at your old plug. Holy crap, they don't match! Don't fret! Clip the wires, swap plugs, solder the wires and use heat shrink tubing on the joints.

12. Reverse the fan removal instructions to reinstall the fans.

Voila! You just saved about $150!

This tutorial is an amalgamation of information from different threads on 1130cc.com snd other forums. I just wanted to put it together in a clear, concise guide.

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Sounds like a winner.

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Hello, I purchased the part you referenced on amazon but I can't seem to be able to punch the motor out of the new fan, the pin isn't budging. The old assembly motor slid out pretty easily, any ideas?
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