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coolant gone

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This has happened twice to me may be some one out there knows why or has had a similar experence. About a month ago I was out riding and made a 45 minute stop, when I got back on the road again after about 5 minutes the temp light went on, I pulled over looked to see if there was anything leaking everthing was fine, by that time the light had gone off and stayed off. When I got home I noticed that the coolant bottle was empty and I know it was at the correct level before I left. So I filled the bottle up to the cold level and it was fine until today when the same senario happened again. I don't see any leaks at all. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Chuck
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lakedrunk said:
I just read another thread somewhat like this and I think the answer was to make sure and check not only the bottle but open the radiator cap too and see if there is fluid there.
I just did that and it is empty, I guess I should have checked it the first time.
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