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From Mr King on a different thread, " Something to try........after polishing the aluminum surface, take some common household flour and rub that onto the surface with a rag. It will remove the cloud you see and all of the black residue.Try it, it really works. - Mr. King"

- today I tried using flour after using Mother's Billet polish. WOW!! I used the Mother's as I normally do and then wiped off most of the polish with another rag. Instead of wiping over and over to clean it all off, I put a little flour on a clean rag and wiped the residue off with it. It comes off super easy and it's sparkling clean afterwards. It cut the time it normally takes to do my wheels in half and they look awesome! (I had a leaf blower nearby to blow the residue away)
Thanks Mr King!

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Bugger. I used the flour like finger print dust with a brush AFTER polishing the wheels on Sunday. There was no residue left to remove! :banghead:
My wife Sharlene who is a crime scene examiner thought I was a real dick head!
I'll use it to remove residue next time while theres some residue left!
Thanks for the correct use of the tip Crash. ;)
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