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Cali-V said:
How can I determine the quality of SS bolts?
Any stainless bolt that carries a significant load should be A4 grade (aka 316) stainless, it's the only SS that's rated at grade 8.8.

I got my stainless kit from alloyboltz.com. Call Russel up, tell em' I sent ya. They're the only vendor I've found that offer a V-rod kit in A4 stainless steel.
I've replaced almost everything I can take an allen wrench to on my V-rod. I just call him up, tell him the size I need, and he sends the bolts out pronto... Vet nice guy to deal with.

Also, be aware, the more you polish a stainless bolt, the more you weaken it. Many vendors polish the knurls off thier hex bolts. This is a big no no, as most of these kits are a softer A2 steel. You'll end up weakening the bolt if it's over polished.
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