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Once you've decided to go with "brighter" looking fasteners, there are a few things to consider.

Generally speaking, if you live near the ocean or in a very humid climate, I'd stay away from the chrome fasteners. They tend to pick up surface rust just looking at them - I usually use surgical gloves or mechanics gloves when installing them, simply because the oil on my fingertips hastens the corrosion. If its fairly dry where you live, you like the look, and are prepared to spend a little time periodically buffing them up - then the chrome looks great.

Whatever way you go, I'd recommend you buy them only from a reputable motorcycle supplier.

I've replaced most of the fasteners on the engine - and haven't had any problems with leaks. You DO need to follow "one out, one in" procedure, and follow the star pattern shown in the shop manual. You also need a tube of loctite and a good torque wrench. A set of long-shaft, ball-end hex sockets would be good too - especially for the ones that are difficult to get at.
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