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mustangcav said:
What jerkoff engineered that one? One of my blessedly few engineering complaints of the 'Rod.
With the bike on the jiffystand, it is possible that the bike is in a whole range of different lean angles, depending on how far the steering head is rotated either left or right, and on the slope (if any) of the ground. They put that "upright and level" condition in there so you can get the most consistent readings - although I do agree with you it takes certain amount of monkeying around to do it per the book. I've switched to checking my oil when I bring it back from a ride - I roll out the lift and get it jacked up. By the time I've removed helmet, gloves, jacket, etc. and dug out the plastic dipstick and some shop towels enough time has elapsed for all the oil to drain down into the sump.

I've been monitoring oil consumption pretty closely -and in the first thousand miles this spring I've needed about 0.25 quart to keep it at the full mark. This is definitely less than when the bike was new.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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