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No special tools from what I recall. You do however have to follow the instructions regarding piston positions, etc (again from what I recall). My bike was going in to the shop anyway so I simply had them install it for me. Hope this helped a little.

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Not true...

Yep... Special tools are required.

First you have to dissasemble your airbox and check the position of yuor valves. The you have to use a crank tool to rotate the crankshaft to set the valves into a certain position.
Blah, Blah... It's not hard, just a PIA.
Instructions are quite thorough, enough to either guide you threw the process or scare you away.

I did one, and returned the tool.
I had the dealer do the second one at my 1K servcice... only $20.

I think it looks much nicer than the DS covers.

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I couldn't find the cover you were refering to in the Fat Book. Do you have a part number or can you post a link to the exact page?
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